Sunday, 11 April 2010

oot and aboot.

So I am on a brief sojourn out of Toronto, in Montreal for the weekend. This was actually supposed to be my last stop in Canada but I decided it just wouldn't be right leaving without spending at least 1 more night in Toronto, as it has been my beloved home for the last 3 months. So I am just having a mini-break if you will; although that doesn't really apply because my life is so sedentary at the moment that it would be impossible for me to take any more of a break. I arrived safe and sound, if a little grouchy, as I did as all poor travellers do and caught the GreyHound...which basically translates into I have spent the last 12 hours not sleeping, my body uncomfortably scrunched on a bus seat. And now I face a dilemma...I had pre-arranged to couchsurf with somebody and I have his address and it is all worked out but at the moment I am feeling like if I meet any new people and they happen to be in any way slightly irritating, I might actually pinch their arm skins until their faces contort in pain and fright. So maybe trying to be social in this state is not one of the greatest ideas? This is what I am trying to convince myself to believe in order to justify spending an exorbitant amount (in relation to my ever diminishing budget) on a private hotel room where I don't have to talk or be nice or look pretty. Heaven.
And family, I know when you read this you will scoff and shake your heads and say to yourselves, oh are so silly, of course you can't afford to have privacy, you are a backpacker! But, the advantage here is that by the time you do read this, I would have already gone ahead and done whatever I please anyway. Now I just need to let my conscience wrestle with this conundrum for a little while, as I scour the Internet for a delightful little hotel that won't render me broke for the next month. The hunt is on...stay tuned for the next instalment of 'did she or didnt she?'...

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