Tuesday, 13 April 2010

montreal- canada's europe.

Yes. I did stay in hotel for my two nights in this city. And the hole in my bank account was totally worth the privacy and luxury of having my own space after nearly 5 months of sharing it (with all very lovely people, so I'm not complaining...but after so long it was nice to able to walk around naked without fear of totally grossing anybody out). After only 2 days I am in love with this city...it is a miniature, way less expensive Europe. And I love Europe but am way too poor to stay there for very long- perfect! This is the view from my hotel room; in black and white because somehow it makes it all the more arty and Parisian.

Ahhh...magical. Although I am not tremendously sad to be leaving so soon, as I am feeling a little bit lonesome and I know my friends are waiting for me back in Toronto. Montreal is definitely a place to be visited with a companion. I'm not whinging, because I up until now I have enjoyed the freedom of traveling solo, but facing the breakfast bar on your own every morning and seeing everybody else (literally, everybody else. I was the only loner.) chatting with friends and family, you can't help but lamenting on your lack of friends. And you almost forget that it was your choice to leave them all behind as you wonder if the reason you are all alone is an off-putting odour or the fact that people don't like your hair. Paranoid thoughts aside, I did enjoy my short time here. And I finally got to experience the champion of French-Canadian cuisine, the poutine. Before I explain, here is a picture...

Looks kind of like a particularly chunky bowl of vomit doesn't it? The description doesn't really do it any favours either. Poutine is french fries and chunks of cheese covered in gravy. I decided to add some Montreal smoked meat to mine as I thought, if I'm going to go there, I may as well do it properly. I imagine this dish is the Canadian equivalent of our Pie Floater; a slightly disturbing mix of foods that all foreigners feel it is their duty to experience. Needless to say I couldn't finish it and I left the restaurant kind of disgusted with what I had just put into my body. But now I can leave Montreal satisfied that I have taken part in at least one tourist ritual. Yay! Goodbye Montreal, I'm sure we will meet again one day...

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