Thursday, 22 April 2010

new york new york.

Hey Friends. I am now officially extending my stay in the great city of NY. Like I really had a choice. My flight was cancelled yesterday, as were so many others, although I guess I should count myself lucky I found this out while I still had relatively comfortable accommodation and I am not now living at an airport. Thankyou Mister Volcano! That was the biggest fake expression of gratitude I have ever made.
Anyway, about my itinerary. I did actually stay on track for the first few days..then I heard about this volcano and fiasco ensued, which involved me frantically trying to replan everything, in colloboration with my family on the other side of the world with an enormous time difference. Ahhh...stressful times.
But so far I have been to the Guggenheim museum, the Moma, the Natural History Museum, St John's Cathedral, the New York Public Library, Times Square (so full on I could only handle it for about 20 minutes...but I did get to see the famous Naked Cowboy), Central Park (my favourite place so far), 5th Avenue (lots and lots of ridiculously expensive designer stores...) and I have seen the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island ferry.
I have not yet walked the Brooklyn Bridge or eaten Brooklyn pizza....or in fact any pizza at all. But it is ok, as now I have extra time to finish seeing whatever it is I would like to see. Once I am done organising of course.
I am supposed to be in London right now...and I only have concrete plans as far ahead as Thursday, after which I am homeless and confused.
This volcano has certainly put my planning skills to the test and made me realise that my stress levels will probably severly affect me later in life.
Anyway, there you have it my friends...the now ongoing New York trip. And who knows where I will be next week..or whom I will be with. I hope it is somewhere amazing with some people I love.

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