Thursday, 15 April 2010

a final farewell.

Tomorrow is my very last day in Canada, the country I have called my home for the last 5 months. It is sad, and I have made some very good friends here who I will never forget, but I am eager to move on. As these first 5 months abroad have seen me living and working in one place, I haven't really felt like a traveller yet; that part of my trip begins on Friday, in the city that never sleeps...the Big Apple...New York City. Something I have discovered about myself is that if I don't have a certain structure to my life then I have a tendency to sit around dreaming about things rather than actually doing them, which is not something I want when I have spent my life savings to come across the world. And so, to make sure I get the most out of my 4 days in the big city, I have created an itinerary. It's very high-school trip, I know, but at least it means I won't waste my time there sitting in cafes eating cake and gaining pounds.

So here it is...the busiest and most touristy 4 days of my trip yet. Let's see if I can manage to pull it off, all on my own, with nobody to wake me up or hurry me along...

Arrive at the bus station at 6am. Need coffee, food and a map.
After some rest time, find accommodation (which I still don't actually have) and drop my bags.
Visit the New York Public Library, then take the 20 minute subway ride to the Cathedral of St John the Divine (which boasts the largest stain glass window in the US).
Lunch time.
Visit the International Centre for Photography (pay what you can after 5pm on Fridays).
Home and sleep.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History.
Lunch time- a burger, cherry pie and coffee at a diner.
Visit the Moma.
Walk to Grand Central Station (apparently a rather impressive tourist attraction...).

Start the day with a Staten Island ferry ride.
Visit the Rockerfeller Centre.
Visit the Chelsea Hotel (Sid Vicious shot Nancy and Jack Kerouac allegedly completed On The Road here, so how could I resist?).
Eat something Jewish. I am in New York, it has to be done.
Pay homage to Gossip Girl and Sex and the City and take a stroll around the Upper East Side.

An early morning walk around Central Park, followed by shopping and exploring in Greenwich Village.
Some lunch and some more shopping (I heart NY shirts for everyone!).
A night time ride on the Staten Island ferry (I know I have already done this, but it's free. And I love free things).

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to see NYC from across the river.
Refuel after my hour of exercise and walk back to the city.
Pack my bags and off to the airport at 4pm!

I think it can be done.
So goodbye Canada, I will see you in a few short years, and hello New York City, I am ready to take you on...

The view of the city of Toronto from the UN tower at sunset.

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  1. Hi Jordan, my name is Erica, I am a friend of your Aunty. I work with her. She's very excited that you are getting the chance to do some traveling and is rather impressed with this blog you've started to chronicle your adventures. I am actually from NY. Not so much the city but I do have a couple of cool place I think you would find pretty neat. FAO Shwartz is an amazing toy store. You know that movie "Big" where Tom Hanks does that dancin on the piano thing well that's where he did it! It's the best toy store! Also if you get a chance check out the Empire state building as well. It's like a staple of visiting the city. Let's see as far as the Jewish food goes, check out a bagel with lox it's totally Jewish. Lox is some sort of fish or something. PIZZA, NY pizza is the best on the planet. Chicken wings too. I see you are heading to Greenwich village which has THE most amazing store, there are heaps of second hand stores that have the trendiest stuff. Way back when I went to GV the Blue Man Group was playing at a venue there. The museum's are amazing there too, check the Natural history Museum it's wicked. Times square too with all the signs lit up at night you might even be able to check out where MTV is as well. There is just heaps to do and that's just in the city. You'll find you'll want heaps more time there. Now, a word of advice for hanging around NYC, just be aware of whose around and keep your important stuff like wallets and purses tightly closed. There are some real jerks in the city.Just remember general safety but I am sure you can handle yourself being in Canada for five months. I lived there for three years too. I live in Saskatchewan in the west at a place called Saskatoon. I love Canada, it's such a beautiful country. Well Can't wait to see how you go in the city, if you have any questions just let me know. Have fun and be safe!