Friday, 23 September 2011

my pretend birthday

In Amasra. We've followed the Black Sea coast almost to Istanbul and we are stopping to have a look around the little town famous for it's seafood and salads (apparently). They do put a lot of effort into ensuring their salads are way more intricate than anywhere else in the country. See?

What else did we do in Amasra?....Not a lot. It was more of a restive town than anything else. We played chess on a giant chess board. And we swam a little, and slept a lot.

We did make a new friend though. A Turkish man who was very friendly and wanted to practice his English asked us to have tea with him, then another night he bought dinner for us and took us to his aunt`s house who gave us some fresh hazelnuts. But then on the last night it became a little odd. He wanted to have a celebration because we were leaving so we bought raki and cake and went to his friend`s house (who just happened to be one of the women whose pension we looked at when we arrived and decided against), which was awkward in itself, but then he made me pretend it was my birthday- seemingly for the benefit of his friend, and everybody sung Happy Birthday.....odd. Then the man and his friend started Turkish dancing around the living room and then we had to watch the woman`s home videos from a holiday she went on. It was definitely a surreal farewell from quiet Amasra.

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