Sunday, 4 September 2011

dogs, cats and cigarette smoke.

I decided I needed to lift my game (actually no, two boys told me to stop being lazy) so I am writing again from Kas. So what have we done since we've been here?
We have...visited a LOT of beaches. One with sand (which is unusual in this part of the world) and waves that slanted sideways, a few with pebbles and rocks as sand and some where one must dive straight from the cliff to the water. Though they all look slightly different (and slightly the same) they are all very, very salty. Which isn`t great if you swallow a mouthful of water or it somehow makes its way into your eyes, but if your greatest wish is to be able to float in deep water while standing straight with your arms by your sides, then you are definitely in the right place! And you need never worry about drowning. I actually think it would be almost impossible.
...gone to a Greek island. We caught the ferry across from Kas to Meis (mace) and it was really hot. Like, hot as the hottest part of summer hot. We ate some food (giant chunk of octopus anyone? But really, it was delicious), sweated some and saw a naked, sunbathing and swimming man who invited us to swim from his area of the shore. But we didn't.
...swam from a boat amongst ruins of a city called Kekova, which has ended up on islands in the sea as a result of a volcanoe erupting some time ago.
...aaannnnd, had a lovely campfire picnic of roasted vegetable salad and kofte and chicken and sucuk (spicy, Turkish sausage) in bread while we fought with wasps for our food and I ate some strange Turkish fruit from a cactus thing and got tiny little prickles in my face and hands. On the way home we stopped and walked down a giant flight of stairs to a little beach on the side of the road while we sawm to the sun setting.
Other than all of those lovely things we mainly stay at home and swim in the pool, eat some breakfast and drink nescafe, sleep and try to entertain a 9 year old boy with far too much energy. Sometimes we visit the town if it isn't too hot.
On Tuesday evening we leave Kas by bus, so I will have new and exciting things to tell you about. Until then I imagine we will be doing much of the same.

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