Friday, 9 September 2011

along the black sea.

We left Kas after a wedding, one last swim in the Mediterranean and some tears from my new little step brother, who definitely did not want us to go. All excited we jumped on the bus and started our journey, first to Anakara and ultimately to the port town of Trabzon on the coast of the Black Sea.

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and it is totally land-locked, which gave it a strange feel for me. I always find it weird to be in a city and when you look out at its edges you are surrounded by the same landscape. Dry dusty hills in this case.

We were tired in Ankara but we did pool all our energy and managed to walk for 20 minutes to visit the mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Admittedly it did not have the same amount of meaning for us as it did the hundreds of Turks who were visiting at the same time, but we could appreciate the size. When you remember it is essentially just a grave site, you realise it is massive.

Huge. And it is protected by lions that eat your arms.

So that was Turkey's capital city for us. That and a bit of resting and eating. Then we made our way back to the otogar for our second overnight bus trip.

But I have to stop writing for a while because my head feels like it's about to explode and I don't think sitting in front of the computer is helping. More to come.

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