Saturday, 27 March 2010

museum visit.

So yesterday I succumbed to one of my first quintissential touristic activities in Toronto- the museum trip. I will admit to gasping with indignation at the admission fee (small town girl that I am, I was boasting all the way to the cashier that 'in Adelaide, our museum is free') but I paid up and entered The Royal Ontario Museum.
Three floors of museumy short attention span baulked at the amount of time I would have to spend here in order to get my money's worth. But after looking at the 'indigineous people' section (I always go here first, out of a sense of duty or something) I found one of my favourite sections, where I met my new friend...

I call him Franz. And yes, I like the stuffed animal section, I am not ashamed of it. Then off on a mission to find the Egyptian section...on the way I stumbled upon a corridoor of rooms demonstrating the lifestyles of the rich folk, all the way from the early 1500's up to the 19th century. There were parlour rooms and gilted furniture galore. I also learnt why, back in the day, those folks didn't wash...apparently they believed their skin was extremely delicate and to wash it could cause incredible damage. Huh, who knew?
Another exciting find was this poster, displayed in the Oceania section:

Exciting right? I thought so, that's why I took a photo before continuing on my way. Then bingo! My real favourite section, full of mummies, make up and animal gods. Satisfaction. And with that, I decided I had had my fill of looking at really old stuff and headed back out into the sunshine.

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