Saturday, 27 March 2010

jordan's first blog.

So here I am in Toronto still, after gloriously quitting my job and showering my boss with all the reasons he made working there similar to slamming your fingers repeatedly in the car door, wondering how I should fill my remaining days. Slightly broke and well aware that I have another 6 months of travel in which no money making will be taking place, I consider my options. My question 'so, what free things are there to do here in Toronto?' is met with snorts of laughter and looks of pity...the overall reaction 'haha, yeah goodluck.' So nothing, apparently.
After ten days of unemployment in a Toronto winter, my life has taken on similar qualities to that of a uni student...but without the studying. So in essence, complete and utter laziness. Rising at midday, breakfast for lunch, lunch for dinner. Today as my room mate watched me prepare toast and tea at 12.30 in the afternoon, she wondered out loud what time I eat lunch. I told her know, obviously...crazy girl.
But now, thanks to, I have a mildly productive activity to fill a portion of my day with in order to convince myself that I am not a total waste of air. Yay!

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  1. Winner. You are actually not being lazy, merely Spanish. Lunch for dinner, dinner at 11pm and then sleeping for a few hours is a nice way to go over here. Ah bless the addictive nature of blogging too, you'll definately blast a few hours doing it.
    I hope the canucks haven't treated you too poorly - at least you have English to fall back on, the Spanish/Valencian has been hard.

    Ryan, part of Team McSlade -