Wednesday, 31 March 2010

a day at the seaside.

Of course since we are in Toronto it isn't actually the seaside but the lakeside, yet Lake Ontario is kind of big so you could be forgiven for getting confused. And what a lovely day to wander along the waterfront...a little cold still for an ice-cream and certainly too cold for a swim, but even so it was the beach, and I love the beach. Sand and water and seagulls and fresh just makes me happy. Admittedly, it had nothing on our beaches (as I have told every Canadian I have met 'you guys have the mountains, we have the beaches') but after almost 6 months of winter, a day at the seaside, with sunshine, was amazing.

But also, tonight is my last night at 167 Wallace Avenue. A little sad, I must admit. I love the fact that this neighbourhood, with all its crazy and bizarre people of every ethnicity, interesting stores and really cheap food, was the first real place I lived out of home...despite everybody telling me how 'sketchy' it is. I'm going to miss living a stone's throw from awesome cafes and the colourful people I saw everyday....I mean, a street where you can see a woman practicing hula-hoop in her frontyard on your way home is worth all the late night police sirens, for sure.
No more wandering to the fruit market for my morning apple, or to the local bakery for a Portuguese custard tart for only 95cents, or down to my favourite cafe for waffles, a coffee and some awesome beats. Goodbye. I had fun.

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