Monday, 29 March 2010

another rainy day.

Another rainy day in Toronto; the perfect weather to stare wistfully out at from the comfort of your bedroom window whilst you lie in your pyjamas and dream of lovely, sunshiny summer days. Add some toast with peanut butter and a few episodes of Friends and it's the perfect wintry Sunday.
This is the sort of weather that encourages complete laziness and it being Sunday, that's about as much as my body can muster. It's always reassuring when the weather matches your energy level so completely...there is nothing worse than wanting to crawl under your quilt and put a pillow over your head while the sun shines through the window, a slight breeze rustles the curtains and you can hear sounds of a barbecue at your next door neighbours house. Those occasions harbour a feeling of disgust that you are hiding inside when it's such a beautiful day and to drive it away you force yourself out of the house for a wander around the garden, stay outside for five seconds and race back to your bedroom. There is no enjoyment in those days....they are wracked with guilt and vague suspicions that you might not be getting as much out of life as you should be.
Fortunately for me, today the weather is so wonderfully crappy that the only way to appreciate it is through a bedroom window, so even if I was feeling up to the task of actually walking around, there is no way I'd want to go outside.
So now I am just going to go back to enjoying my guilt-free, rainy Sunday with all the laziness it deserves. Perhaps a cup of tea and a nap....

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