Monday, 5 July 2010

short and sweet. 5

A tired yet excited greeting at Heathrow, and I am back in London once more. I'm really not sure what it is about this city but I just generally don't enjoy myself when I am here. The extortionate cost of everything, mixed with other sentiments, surround me with an aura of permanent frustration whenever I have to spend time here.

On my recommendation, because I had absolutely had enough of public transport, we rented a car for our British sojourn. Not a brilliant idea, as it turned out, as I should have probably predicted, London traffic is a nightmare and when you are a visitor it takes an age to find anywhere (thankgod for GPS) and then when you do, another age to find a park.
The first day in the great British city I napped and ate and sat, then when I tired of that I suggested we should be oh so very English and go and see some theatre. There is an open air theatre in Regents Park and that night they were showing The Comedy of Errors. So we gathered up our energy, found the park, found a park and went to be sophisticated with the genteel English folk.

I drank Pimms, felt under-dressed and enjoyed the play. Dad managed not to fall asleep after his 20 hour flight and everything was good.

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