Tuesday, 15 November 2011

roman holiday.

The charming little town of Hoi An, where we have just spent a few lovely days, is all about clothes, shoes and being Parisian (though this post is called 'roman holiday' because a)I couldn't think of a fitting movie title including Paris and b)Hoi An reminded me more of Rome than Paris).

You need to do little more than wander the gorgeous streets, slipping down alleyways and admiring the lovely old buildings in Hoi An, but when you tire of that you can cycle to the beach or lose yourself in the hundreds of stores filled with gifts for loved ones...or for you...and all the while the tailors and shoemakers are busy whipping up those additions to your wardrobe that you ordered the day before.

Clearly, I liked Hoi An. It was just like being in Europe (well not quite; you still get hassled to the absolute limit- after all, it is Asia) except a million times cheaper. And there are pedestrian only streets, which seems like a godsend in Asia, where 'road rules' isn't a phrase and the horn is used as a warning, and an indicator and pretty much anything else the driver wants to say.

Here's a little taste of Hoi An...I'm pretty sure it will arouse a longing you never knew you had to visit this winner of a town.

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