Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ho chi grins.

This post is courtesy of several people who have said hilarious things, which we have now incorporated in our general conversation. First up is Bartu, my step-brother in Turkey...we were teaching him English a little while we were in Kas and the thing he learnt the quickest was "Puh-leeease". Will, puh-lease....puh-lease. Puh-lease play, puh-lease swim, puh-lease just about anything. So now we don't say please....we say puh-lease.

Next up is the man we asked for directions in Phuket....this was basically the conversation.
-Hi, have you been around here much?
-I have been most places.
-Cool, do you know where this (insert place) is?
-Ummm, could you tell us?
Clearly that whole conversation is hilarious, but our new quote is..."I have been most places". You will be hearing it a lot.

Next we have my very own cousin Riley Mae, who was uspet with her dad about something. When we reminded her about all the nice things her dad did, like buy her delicious foods, she responded by wailing "he eats it alllll!". At which we all burst into laughter.

Last of all we have a character we overheard on the bus...his whole personality seemed to be pretty terrible, but one quote sticks in our minds. We were on a tourist bus to Phnom Penh and this young man was trying his hardest to have a meaningful connection with all the single ladies (can you detect my contempt?) Anyway, here it is....
"Yeah, I get hit on semi-regularly". Yep, somebody actually said that. To a girl. Seriously.

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