Friday, 12 December 2014

hey everyone

Hey everyone!

Don't worry, we are still at home. We wouldn't run away so quickly without telling y'all (and also, you know, the wallet 'lite' situation).

No, this post is simply an update of what I have been up of late. And not of the 'working in a cafe bla bla bla' sort. I have been very busy, in a sitting in front of my computer sort of way. (Actually I have been very busy in every sort of way, from hanging with the fam, to trying madly to start a garden and build another sweet home for some Australian chickens, and working, cooking and christmas-presenting a lot. But also in a sitting in front of this computer way.)

I have created a new little spot for myself on the dotcom! It's all very shiny and new and exciting. And taking a lot longer than I thought to get up and running because blogging is hard when you have to do real life stuff as well.

But anyway, now I have. It's all about.... everything, really. Sometimes cooking, sometimes gardening, sometimes, traveling. All the things I like to do.

I really liked spending time writing on here while I was away and I didn't want to stop that ritual just because I wasn't moving around so much, so I decided that I didn't have to. But I also decided this blog couldn't make the move away from pure travel- it's all in the name isn't it? So it is time to retire wander with me and move into my new place...

...which is called vermilion red and you can find it here and you can even leave me a wee note and let me know what you think!

I hope you like it and thank you everyone who followed our journey along on here. 

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