Friday, 12 September 2014

bubbles and biscuits.

There's a change in the air here. The monsoon is thinking about leaving, like that party guest who rises from the dinner table to make his goodbyes and then half an hour later has everyone standing by the door, surreptitiously checking the clock, while he recounts for them yet another tale that just must be told. It is thinking about leaving, but it hasn't gone just yet. And though the days have been getting drier, the sun is still scarce; the sky a cloudscape of thick grays and whites. The mornings have been perfect- reminiscent of those days in the height of summer when you wake up at six and sit outside while the sun is still bearable and you can smell the heat that will arrive to blanket everything later in the afternoon.

The ever-drier days bring herald many things: the excitement of a changing season, the opportunity to turn brown again, after two months of cloud, and snakes. Lots and lots of snakes. So what have we been doing the last few days? Snake-proofing! Which is just a different way of saying weeding (it does sound more dramatic though, right?). So much weeding. The thing about living in such a fertile place is that as soon as you pull out a weed and turn your back on it, it pokes its little green head right back out of the ground in some kind of "hilarious" magic trick.

But one can only weed for so long without turning into a crazy person and so in between ripping undesirables from the earth we have been bubble blowing and biscuit baking (and alliterating). Because everyone loves a good bubble and baking outside is fun. Although to be totally honest we were not baking as we have no oven, we were deep frying. But for good alliteration that does not make, so I'm sticking with baking. They're biscuits, after all.



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