Monday, 23 June 2014

our odyssey

in a house in the hills
lived Will and Jordan
they worked all the time
causing no end of boredom

then came the day
when one of them said
"let's quit our dumb jobs
and go traveling instead"

so they packed all their bags
and headed northwest
up to nepal
where the trekking is best

they trekked through hills
mountains and snow
and then headed south
to glimpse a rhino

then yet further south
across a border
to a place where corpses
are burnt beside water

they went on to hampi
then down to meet chacko
a mad indian guy

they surfed to sri lanka
the island of tea
of big rocks 
tall stairs
and  thieving monkey

they jumped on a plane
and flew really far
to the land of olives
and a fine tapas bar

and they met jordan's sister
to share in their mirth
while they hung in barcelona
greatest city on earth

then off to the finca
of cathy and james
a farm of thirty cats
all with different names

morocco was next
with casbas and medinas
a rather nice place
for our wandering dreamers

a bus took them then
on to portugal
a marvellous country
for one so small

they couchsurfed
ate fish
met many a friend
but like all things do
it came to an end

so they hitch-hiked through france
to chatellerault
where aunt virginia lives
and tall sunflowers grow

they made it to paris
using only a sign
the city of love
they thought it sublime

some days later
they reluctantly left
for the island of ice
and depsite the bad weather
will's cousins were nice

they marvelled at london
had devonshire tea
and met an old friend
in cantebury

after two months of wet
they began to feel glum
so they headed for cyprus
the isle of sun

they farmed in a town
they planted and weeded
their time in the sun
gave them just what they needed

then before they knew it
they were back in nepal
this time with will's brothers
one loud and one tall

they hiked through the mountains
and spied a high lake
at one point they feared
their lives were at stake

they went back to india
pumped for round two
and spent a whole month
in tamil nadu

they swam in the rivers
and worked on the land
e-spied many elephants
the beasts are quite grand

their trip so far
is what i have told
but who knows what new adventures
are yet to unfold...

by will.

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