Friday, 14 March 2014

lives in still...

And once again we are saying hello from this dark little northern island, searching for the sun and shivering in our goosepimpled skins; our time in Cyprus could be a dream but for our slightly browner skin, blonder hair, and these pictures...

After I made a very successful little batch of mandarin marmalade from some of the farm's glut of citrus, we all somehow found ourselves spending an entire day peeling and deseeding mandarins for a massive batch to sell at the English market. Then we spent the evening boiling it over an open fire in a huge cauldron. Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble...

The fruit (haha) of our labour.

And trying to convince all the English expats that they need our marmalade... 

                    Cooking our dinner while we camp...there seems to be a bit of a theme here...                                

This is what happens when you leave Will in charge of the campfire. 

The alien landscapes of this amazing camping spot. Gaudi in nature I thought.

The beginnings of what is to be the coolest pizza oven in the history of the universe.

Have you ever seen a pizza oven with footprints on the roof?

The fire-breathing hell cat that spits out pizzas of all kinds

And our outside kitchen continues to grow...from an empty grassy patch near the herb garden to benches, swivel stools, a pizza oven and a VERY perma-culture bamboo floor. Aren't we amazing?

The first supper.

An old monastery that our wonderful yoga teacher recommended. Nothing remarkable here, though a hitch-hiking race meant that we arrived crammed in the back of a very rickety old van whose doors were held closed with wire- and we didn't win the race...

           See those cliffs there? We climbed 'em. We call ourselves The Goat Gang and we are               the coolest. Once we got to the top of the mountain, for want of anything else to do, we decided to climb over a wall we found. Then we discovered we had accidently broken into the castle that sits atop the rocks, and that it was closed and that we had to break out of it again in order to hitch-hike back into town.

We need sustenance before we make the very impressive climb up the rock face.

The weekly lettuce harvest. Not too interesting so I tried to get artistic.

Keeping bees in the mountains of North Cyprus.

We come from all over to play guitar and smoke from a hand-made shisha...

Bathe in herbs?

Chamomile made walking around the farm a very pretty exercise.

'The Guru's Apprentices' doing yoga on the roof. 

So it was real after a minute I will tell you some stories about it. 

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