Tuesday, 10 December 2013

all the way from morocco to portugal.

Some more much anticipated (I'm sure) photos. So have a wander down memory lane with us, from Morocco to southern Portugal...

The city of blue. Chefchaouen, inland Morocco.

Kasbah walls, Chefchaouen. 

The big sandwich. A highlight of Fes.

Essaouira- Will's first Atlantic dip and my first waves ridden

Wicked graf, Essaouira.

The fattest cat, lives in Rabat. 

A church in Portugal.

Anchor graveyard, Tavira, just over the border in Portugal.

Just before the storm breaks in Tavira.

After the storm.

A piggyback through puddles.

We had just bought a new umbrella. It was very exciting...

Love in Lagos.

Lagos. Jealous?

Europe's southwestern most point. I just had to dangle it...

Yellow and blue; the colours of Lisbon.

Love those tiles. 

Number 22. A Lisbon classic.

A sunset in Belem, home of the pastel de nata.

A castle in the Portuguese hills. 

And here we'll take a break from our gallivanting, but in a minute we'll continue up from Lisbon to France.

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