Saturday, 31 August 2013

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath...

Finally, some photos! Here is a small selection of India, starting from Fort Cochin. Enjoy!

 This is a very cool old tree we saw in Fort Cochin that has been graffitied into various animals. Not sure what this animal is but I like it...

 Some storm clouds rolling in over the cliffs of Varkala, the beach town we lazed away a whole week in. A few minutes after this was taken we were both drenched, having failed to seek shelter fast enough.

Varkala, again.

 An extremely full train. Will and I and all of our luggage were crammed onto this tiny bunk.

A crazy, colourful Mysore temple.

A photo-souvenire from the railway museum we visited in is an old Aston Martin that was converted by a train enthusiast so it could run on tracks; it was used to take the inspectors around to stations!

Welcome to Hampi! Temples. Lots of temples.

Apart from temples we also bore witness to this in far as we could make out it was some kind of Hindu exorcism/demonstration for the gods. Lots of shouting and making weird noises and falling about the place.

Temples and rocks.

Temples and monkeys.

And we saved the most Indian til overfull ute/bus was struggling up the hill so out the men hop to push. (They made it to the top.)

So there is a small selection. There will be some more soon, but only for as long as I can use Isabelle's computer because, as we figured out, it is my crappy piece of technology that wont let us upload. 

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