Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This is just a post script regarding monkey mischief hour; a series of monkey related incidents in the temple town of Hampi where the monkey problem, although hilarious for us, is a serious issue for the locals. Everyday, at certain times, gangs of little brown monkeys made their way stealthily from the surrounding temples towards the town to wreak havoc in the local shops and houses.

One morning I was sitting on the balcony at our guest house and I saw a monkey on the neighboring roof with a bottle of juice in its hands. Amused, I watched as it unscrewed the lid and guzzled the beverage in less than 20 seconds. Later that day another monkey appeared on the balcony clutching three bags of chips in its little hands- following him was the slingshot-wielding owner of the burgled shop. The monkey managed to escape with its prize into the gap between the ceiling and the roof where it could enjoy the chips in peace. 
That day I marveled  at our little hairy cousins gymnastic abilities as well as the sophisticated plot hatching skills required to pull off a heist without anyone getting killed. 

Maybe a little more terrifying was the day a monkey got into our room. I alerted a sleeping Jordan that we had a guest, she proceeded to wail and gnash her teeth like a terrified damsel in distress; fortunately I flexed my enormous muscles and the monkey fled with the fear of death in its eyes...but not before it attempted to steal everything it could get it's hands on. 

by will

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