Wednesday, 27 March 2013

the hunt for shere khan and happy holi 2069!

We are now in the town adjacent to Chitwan National Park, Sauraha, and yesterday we got back from a 2 day jungle walk. We walked in 40km (return trip) through the jungle. So I hope everyone is suitably impressed right now because that is A LOT of walking...

We were rewarded for our efforts though. We spotted lots of deer, some monkeys, some exotic birds, crocodiles, a bison (which our guide was so excited about he gave Will a hi 5- apparently it is quite rare to see one) and most exhiliratingly for us, a rhino that crossed the road about 30 metres in front of us. That is very close when you are standing there with no defence...they are fricken huge! (We actually saw something like 8 or 9 rhinos, but that one was the best).

We never found Shere Khan but we did find evidence of his existence. I'm pretty sure he was just hanging out in the scrub watching us search fruitlessly for him...we found a big pawprint/scratch mark in the ground covered in tiger wee, so he was out there.

We got back to town last night with just enough energy to shower, get dinner and crawl into bed. And this morning we woke up and realised it was Holi Festival which I think, according to our jungle walk guide, is something to do with celebrating a goddess who killed a devil who wanted to kill a baby (but if anyone actually knows, please let us know).

Anyway, it's celebrated by throwing coloured powder and water at everyone. So after we went down to the river to watch the elephants having their bath- then deciding we had to have a go at sitting on an elephant in the river and being squirted in the face with water from his trunk- we went for a bike ride through some surrounding villages. Where we got pelted and chased by all the hystercially giggling small children that saw us pass until we kind of looked like we had stuck our heads into big buckets of purple and red paint. We're thinking of harvesting the idea for back no presents this christmas guys, just make sure you've got shiteloads of different coloured powder on you!

So that's our time in Chitwan so far. Sorry there are still no pictures; I've figured out how to do it now but the internet is too slow I think. I'll keep trying!

P.S. 2069 is what year Hindu people are living in right now...pretty cool huh?

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