Thursday, 5 August 2010

the land of coconuts.

We traversed the country in trains and buses and it took us no less than two days, but we finally arrived in the southern state of Kerala, and our home for the next ten days. A guesthouse set up high in the Keralan mountains, in a tiny village, five minutes walk to the local school which is the centre of life at the guesthouse set up for volunteers. There are six or seven people living here at the moment...the volunteers (and only white people in the village and surrounding areas), the couple who run the school and connected orphanage and any family or others who are connected in some way to the organisation. It's a lovely environment to live I expected, a very different view of India than what I have seen so far.
The school, which is run specifically for poorer children and orphans, is making do with whatever they can. Very few supplies, untrained teachers and classrooms which are literally all set in a large concrete hall and separated by curtains. The children are all gorgeous though and doing very well with what they have.
P.s The title of this post is referring to the fact the 'Kerala' means 'Land of the coconuts', there are a lot of coconuts down here.

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